How is Trident Environmental different
from other environmental
consulting companies?

Trident Environmental is a partnership of the professional staff members of the former TRW Midland, Texas office (Dale Littlejohn and Gilbert Van Deventer).  The primary function of the partnership is to provide a common operational name, invoicing and accounting, professional and liability insurance, and equipment pool.  Each partner is an individual corporation bound to one another by a common standard of ethics, trust, and years of friendship.

Project Manager-Client Relationship

At Trident Environmental, we believe that the Project Manager-Client relationship is the highest priority, therefore when you put one of our partners to work on your project the consultant that you select will remain the primary contact for as long as you require his professional services.  What does that mean for you, the client?

Total Rate Flexibility

The hourly billing rates established by Trident Environmental are task-dependent, not person-dependent like all the other environmental consulting companies.  This gives our most experienced project managers the opportunity to participate in field assessment and monitoring activities at billing rates far below the industry-standard  level.   As one of our clients you will benefit in the following ways:

Freedom of Choice

Trident Environmental does not own or operated any "yellow metal", drilling rigs, or push-probe sampling equipment.  We are not associated with a laboratory, landfill, or treatment facility and are not distributors of any assessment or remediation equipment.  As a result our project managers are totally free to select the most appropriate and cost-effective method to solve your site's unique environmental problems.  In addition, while the Trident Environmental partnership agreement encourages the utilization of other Trident partners when their skills are appropriate for a project's needs, the decision to stay within the partnership or utilize outside contract help is made solely by the project manager and his client.