The History of Trident

In May of 1994, Geoscience Consultants, Ltd., opened their Midland, Texas office by hiring Dale Littlejohn and Gilbert Van Deventer.  Geoscience Consultants, at that time, was a wholly-owned subsidiary of BDM International, which included approximately 70 employees with offices located in  Albuquerque, NM, Bartlesville OK, Los Cruces NM,  Redlands CA, and the Washington DC area.


In January of 1997 BDM International reorganized Geoscience Consultants into it's existing 9,000-employee structure and formally changed the names of all the industry-focused environmental consultant offices, which continued to serve the petroleum industry clients in the Southwestern United States.

In January of 1999, BDM International was acquired by TRW, Inc., an international technology, manufacturing, and service company, which employed approximately 100,000 people worldwide in the environmental, energy, space, defense, automotive, and information systems markets.  The Midland, Texas office was retained to support the local petroleum industry, although  most of the other former BDM environmental offices were closed.

Following the non-renewal of a large government environmental contract at Yucca Mountain, Nevada in 2000, the management of TRW, Inc. decided to discontinue all government and private industry environmental consulting services.  The professional staff of the Midland, Texas office (Dale Littlejohn and Gilbert Van Deventer) acquired the assets of the TRW Midland office and on March 1, 2001 Trident Environmental was born.